New Artist- New Name- New Website- New Facebook

Having spent the past few months redecorating, rebranding, creating merchandise and preparing for and working Brighton Tattoo Con and Manchester Tattoo Tea Party we're looking forward to a few months to re-gather our thoughts and concentrate on work.

Keep an eye out for a big cartel store coming up where we'll have merchandise, limited run lino prints, one off artworks and other fun things available.


We are on the lookout for a full or part time artist. A strong portfolio of work is a must, and just as important- no inflated egos, drama queens, gossip merchants or muck spreaders(!). If you'd like to apply please send links to any of your online presence to or, if you're local you can do it the old fashioned way and pop in with your real live portfolio.

We are in the process of building a new website at Our current website will be staying live for the foreseeable future to help clear up any confusion, as will our Nine Facebook account while we create a new DEAD SLOW page. Facebook won't allow us to change the name of the Nine one.

We still have the rather wonderful Craig Ridley with us each month and are constantly looking for new guests- if you would like to come work with us email

Check out this month's Skin Deep magazine- we've been lucky enough to be featured with an excellent interview/ write up from Julian Paszkiewicz and crazy light painting photos from Justin @glowbooth instagram.