Summer's (nearly) upon us!!

Summer's nearly here and we've been busy at the studio.

We have taken on a new artist- Valeria Marinaci. She's with us three days a week and is taking walk ins and appointments so if you'd like to get something from her email or pop into the studio! If you'd like to follow her work you can do so on her personal instagram @valeriamarinaci. We're so happy to have her as a permanent member of our team.

We also have artist, illustrator, and all round neat guy Mr Heggie with us until the beginning of June. He's been translating his own brand of happy miserable scrawlings onto the skin of you lovely folk and they look pretty darn cool. Surprisingly he still has space while he's here so if you'd like to get some work done email or, again, pop into the studio. You can see more of his work at

Sotja Saw from Honest Tattoo, Athens will be guesting with us from 4th-6th June. She has limited space available so if you'd like to get tattooed email with your ideas.

Aside from all this our resident artists are still taking appointments and are more than happy to hear your ideas. We also have lino prints available at the studio and have recently set up a big cartel where we will be selling said prints and other merch when that comes available- as the lovely weather is nearly here we'll be having some t-shirts and other Summery bumf made- eeep!

We'll soon be cracking on revamping the shop front so keep your eyes peeled or pop by for a nosey!